The Story Before the War

At Dreamfire Films we combine our love of action and our love of Nerf into what has been described as “a smorgasbord of epicness.” We have been making films our whole lives and instead of going the usual route after film school, we have decided to make our own content in an area that we always wished there was more. The free-to-view, online action world where anything we can imagine can be made and everyone has a voice.

We have so much fun making these films that we want to help you do the same as well. So when possible we will be releasing tutorials and products that help our fellow filmmakers make the awesome stuff they’ve always dreamed of.

Look out for our latest hero and his new adventures: Blaze Hornet.

Blaze Hornet is the last of an ancient race of machine pistol wielding Nerf Warriors who’s one mission is to defeat the high-tech evildoers that plague the Earth. He must go head to head with such menacing master minds as the mad Dr. Coconut and his army of minions. Can he do it? Only time and plastic will tell.

Lock & load boys & girls, you’ve just entered the Nerf war zone where the stakes are high and the bullets are foam.

John Eagan, C.E.O